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Gougères : The French appetizer

Gougère is one of the most famous French appetizer. To be successful, a gougère needs to be crispy outside but smooth and cheesy inside.

It's a very easy recipe, the only rule to respect is to use real cheese (comté is the best) and not an industrial one. Trust me it makes a real difference.

Market check list:

- 120 grs of comté (you can also use gruyère or emmental)

- 4 eggs

- 15 cl of water

- 75 grs of butter

- 125 grs of flour

Boil the water with the butter and some salt. When the butter is completely melted add the flour in once outside of the heat and mix it well. Add one by one the eggs (it's a bit hard to mix for the first egg but this is normal) and finish adding the grated cheese.

I'm seasonning also with some nutmeg but you're not obliged to do it.

Make small balls of about the same size with your piping bag or with two spoons if you don't have, and sprinkle with some grated cheese. Put it into the oven for 20 minutes at 200°C.

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