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Meet my Parisian friend Claire !

Claire is the kind of woman you could be jealous of. She's brilliant, she's gorgeous, she married to a fantastic guy and they have the cutest 3 years old daughter. To sum up she's my "perfect" friend. But what I really love about her is that even though she sometimes looks like a Brie Van De Kump kind of woman, she's still very funny and self-mocking. The perfect balance

We met 8 years ago, when we were working at Louis Vuitton and some days were really tough but always funny thanks to her. We were making a great tandem!

Adept of generous and authentic meals Claire is today opening her welcoming home to share a recipe from Bretagne, her native region: Far Breton.

You have a very intense life, sharing your time between your job at Cartier your family and your friends. I'd like to know what your weekends look like ?

Like our weeks, weekends are very intense. When we stay in Paris, we always have an exhibitions to see, a new great restaurant to test or some shoping to do. It's also a great moment to welcome friends for a brunch or a dinner. But we also very often go visit our families that don't live in Paris or discover a Europeen capital.

Could you recomand to people visiting France another French region or city to discover?

Without any hesitation Bretagne, more specificaly St Malo. Only 3 hours of train to relax infront of the sea, discover the beautiful landscapes of what we call the Emerald cost, and eat the best creps in the world!

In the kitchen, what kind of woman are you, control freak or instinctive?

Like all the women before me in my family I follow my instinct. I'm not so good for very sophisticated pastry though (this is my husband's part of the job) and I prefer cooking than baking. For me it's first a convivial moment and I very often cook with my daughter, we put our aprons on and go for 2 hours of complicity in the kitchen.

What would you cook for a girl friends dinner ?

A lentil soup with coconut milk and bacon, then a salmon risotto to end with a crumble. You can prepare everything in advance and have a nice moment with your friends without staying in the kitchen. And of course we'll start the night with a glass of Champagne!

Claire's good tips in Paris :

Le Marais : for nice strolls and more specifically rue des Rosiers for shopping

Le richer restaurant : for a great lover diner. Classical cuisine with a modern twist.

Les Niçois restaurant : a french restaurant with classical meals from the South. Very nice for families, they have a specific room for children with games and an animator so everybody is happy!

Which recipe are you sharing with us ?

The "Far Breton". A traditional dessert with prunes coming from Bretagne. This is my grandmother's recipe.

Market check list for 6 people :

- 125 gr of flour

- 125 gr of prunes

- 3 eggs

- 1/2 L of milk

- 125 gr of sugar

- 1 large spoon of vanila sugar

- 1 tablespoon of oil

- 1 tablespoon of rhum

Whip the eggs with the sugar and the vanila sugar and then add the flour, the milk, the oil to end with the rhum.

Roll your prunes into flour and put them into a buttered mold. Cover with your preparation and bake for 35 min at 200°C / 390°F.

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