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Meet my Parisian friend Tiphaine!

You want to know what is the "chic à la Française"? I have a great example of it: Tiphaine! She is the kind of lady for who style seems to be natural and even with simple jeans she looks more elegant than I after 1 hour of hard fittings and many accessories. And it looks like she's not even aware of her beauty.

Her home is a perfect balance between haussmannian classical style and modernity. Paying attention to details, Tiphaine makes a simple Sunday lunch with her husband a lovely moment with a beautiful table setting. It's the same in her cooking: no complicated recipes, but cautiously selected products and fine taste combinations. She shares with us a recipe perfectly illustrating her philosophy: Spring little cocotte!

You're living in the XVIth arrondissement, what do you enjoy most in this area of Paris ?

We live in what we call "Village d'Auteuil", and this name perfectly illustrates what I enjoy in this area: small shops, lots of families, a nice outside market twice a week and parks. And cherry on the cake for summer, we are very close to Rolland Garros!

Which other area of Paris do you enjoy for a stroll?

The Marais of course for its special atmosphere and the fact that everything is open on Sundays. I also have a special crush for St Germain des prés where I used to live. I'm still very attached to this area, with the banks of the Seine, antiques, the place Sartre de Bauvoir and some very emblematics addresses (Castel, Brasserie Lipp).

How do you usually spend your week-ends?

We don't stay in Paris so often for week-ends, but when we do we like to have a kind of cocooning moment. We love staying home with our daughter, reading, cooking and more recently I've rediscovered the pleasure of playing piano and sewing little dresses for Victoria. On Saturdays I love going for a shopping session with my daughter followed by a tea in a hotel lounge with my sister and her daughter who also live in the XVIth. With my husband we are very attached to traditions, and after a bit of sport, Sundays are dedicated to family. We love having lunch together with a good red wine and an "opera" cake for dessert. After lunch we go for a walk to the park and Victoria is the happiest little girl playing and doing some slides.


How would you discribe your cooking habits?

My husband is a very good cook, coming from the Ouest South of France, he's very attached to good products more than complicated recipes. He's a big fan of "Nature" book from chef Alain Ducasse that is full of simple and fine recipes. And I love baking, preparing dessert (chocolate charlotte is my best one) or muffins for Sundays. And on Sunday night it's sushis time! Ordered or prepared by my husband who is also very good at it.

What region or city would you recommend to people wanting to discover something else than Paris?

I would recommend a French road trip in Bourgogne, following the wine grands crus itinerary: Meursault, Gevrey Chambertin, Vosne Romanée.... names that already make me dream. Beautiful landscapes and good food will complete this dreamy escape.

Tiphaine's good tips in Paris :

110 from Taillevent : for a romantic dinner, this mythic Parisian address proposes menus based on wine degustation (110 different wines by the glass). Very good cooking and a great value for money.

La brasserie Auteuil : for a brunch with friends. You'll discover an amazing hiden rooftop with a lot of green and cactus.

The Peninsula hotel : to have a drink in summer enjoying it's rooftop with a beautiful view on Paris

Which recipe are you sharing with us ?

An asparagus and egg little cocotte. This is the typical kind of starter we have for our Sunday familal lunches.

Market check list for 4 people :

- 2 table spoons of heavy cream

- 4 fresh eggs

- 100grs of girolles (or any other kind of mushrooms)

- 2 shalottes

- About 10 green asparagus

- Parmesan

Cook your eggs in boiled water for 5 minutes (the yolk will flow when you'll be cutting your egg). Remove carefuly the shell and reserve.

Peal and chisel the shallots and cook them in a hot frying pan with some olive oil. Add your washed mushroom and let it cook for about 5 minutes.

Peal your asparagus and boil them for 5 minutes (check if they are cooked enough by entering a knife sword into it).

You now have all your elements and just need to assemblate them.

Put first a spoon of cream in the cocotte, cover with mushrooms. Roll two asparagus in each cocotte and add an egg in the center. Season to taste with salt and espelette pepper. Add some parmesan shavings and it's done!

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