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Summer last apricot pie

Almond and fruit mix is always an easy winning one. I've made this pie with apricots but the almond cream is the perfect base of any seasonal fruit pie.

Market check list for 6 people:

For the pastry:

- 140 grs of butter (I always use salted butter)

- 75 grs of icing sugar

- 250 grs of flour

- 25 grs of ground almonds

- 1 egg

For the filling:

- About 7 apricots

- 1 egg

- 80 grs of ground almonds

- 80 grs of butter at room temperature

- 80 grs of sugar

- 10 cl of heavy cream

To prepare the pastry, mix first the butter cutted into small cubes with the icing sugar, the flour and the ground almonds. Don't try to make a ball at first, but try to have the concistency of sand, mixing with your fingertips. Add then the egg, mix again and make a ball. Roll your pastry, put it into a mold and leave it for a minimum of 1h into the fridge. Prick the pastry center with a fork and cook it for 10 min at 180°C before filling it.

During this time wash and cut into slices all your apricots. Prepare the almond cream mixing first the butter with the sugar and adding then the egg, the cream and at last the ground almonds.

Fill in the pastry with the almond cream and cover with some apricots (or the inverse!).

Bake for 30 min at 180°C.

To finish your pie, you can cover it with some icing sugar.

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